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HypnoBirthing® allows you to rediscover the truth that birth should be a calm and natural process - not a fraught and traumatic medical event.

Women in many other cultures give birth successfully and safely without all the intervention we in the West take for granted. HypnoBirthing® will teach you why...and how.

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What is HypnoBirthing®?

The focus of HypnoBirthing® is on teaching you and your partner some simple but specialised relaxation and breathing techniques. These easy to learn techniques make the whole birth easier, calmer and more comfortable. HypnoBirthing® doesn't require any particular belief system, or prior experience. Some of our mums (and especially their husbands) have been very sceptical at first - until they experience it for themselves.

Just imagine - instead of screaming and being in pain, welcoming each surge. Feeling peaceful... relaxed... and even smiling as your baby comes closer to you.

Finally - something useful for the dad to do. Instead of your husband or partner being a helpless onlooker, they become a central part of the birthing process, helping you to stay calm and focussed on the techniques you've been taught. As a result, the fathers feel proud to have been able to help, and to be an active part of the birth. Just imagine how close that makes them feel to you and the baby. . .

To sum it up... I promise you'll leave the class feeling better than when you arrived.

Think about it.

I have heard of so many antenatal classes that talk about what to expect, and what can go wrong - but don’t give you any way of doing something about it. What you'll learn through HypnoBirthing® is how you can have a natural childbirth, without drugs...with dramatically reduced levels of anxiety...and usually little or no pain.

What price would you put on feeling calm, relaxed and in control of your birth?
What price would you put on giving your baby the best possible start to life?
What price would you put on having a natural, comfortable, enjoyable birth?

You can pay a simple, affordable deposit of just £50 to secure your place, and then pay the balance when you come for the course. No need to find the full amount straight away.

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