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Tarot cards have fascinated people for centuries. They have been linked to witchcraft, gypsies, magicians and the occult while being denounced as heretical by the Church, even once condemned as "the rungs of a ladder, leading to the depths of hell" and "devices of the devil". The tarot originated in northern Italy early in the 15th century (1420-1440). There is no evidence for it originating in any other time or place. The earliest existing cards are lavish hand-painted decks from the courts of the nobility although only 17 of the original cards remain and whether they are tarot or just playing cards is still hotly debated. 

The standard deck of the Tarot pack contains 78 cards, namely, 56 minor (lesser) arcana and 22 major (greater) arcana but only appeared in the early 15th century when the Duke of Milan commissioned a set of cards known as the Visconti deck, after the family name. These ornate gold leaf, hand painted cards were a wedding gift and used for a new northern Italian card game which required an additional 22 cards be added to the standard 56 card deck.

Although Visconti was a great believer in scholarship and astrology, and employed philosophers to create an allegorical game of pagan gods, there is supposition around whether these additional ornate 22 pictorial images were ever used for any purpose other than gaming albeit in some cases, educational. Tarot were also used as a pictorial memory

Despite the lack of evidence to suggest an earlier existence of Tarot, the images of the major arcana are essentially medieval and draw on key figures and concepts of that time and a much older system of beliefs.The influence of the Tarot has spread throughout the world unrestricted by language barriers or semantics as it relies on the universal language of symbolism, the language of the unconscious which activates the intuitive mind.

Other links include ancient Egyptian mythology, astrology, gnosticism, ritual magic and even the complex Hebrew Kabala which have all influenced interpretations of the cards over the centuries. The great occult revival in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, most notably the powerful magic order of The Golden Dawn which produced the Rider-Waite deck and the controversial Alesister Crowley's creation of the Thoth deck. Tarot have been more recently influenced by modern psychology in general, but more specifically by Jungian psychology who believed events and coincidences contained more meaningful messages, akin to a guiding force.

Tarot is a tool of divination and can be used to clarify the decision making process, help to analyse problems, enable you to understand/heal yourself and other people better, to help understand the past,and when used to predict the future can be uncannily accurate. Readings often present other choices or courses of action that could be taken but ultimately the responsibility remains firmly in the inquirer's own hands by the choices they make and the governing laws of cause and effect (Karma).

Tarot Card Reading costs start at £20 or if combined with an Angel Card Readings at £30.

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