HypnoBirthing Experiences

Here is a personal experience from a couple that I have taken through the HypnoBirthing process.

From A Very Proud Father

First off we have a beautiful baby girl Kara May born on the 7th May, 7lbs and 3ozs.

Secondly, Hypnobirthing worked brilliantly. Claire went to fully dilated, pain free in 5 hours, the scripts, the music and the massage all did their job perfectly. So practice guys, as much as possible.

Sadly things changed at that point, Kara was back to back and got stuck and nothing would move her, we tried at home to keep things going for 4-5 hours but in the end the midwives were worried enough that we moved to Southmead and after more trying we went into theatre for an emergency c section.

Claire is recovering really well from the c section but Kara sadly has a problem with a Heart valve. We have been in the Bristol Children's Hospital all week and will be there for a couple of weeks as we wait for an operation. To look at her you wouldn't believe anything was wrong, she is breast feeding very well and putting on weight. We will let people know when we know anymore. All the best.


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