What People Have Said So Far . . .

Please note that for reasons of client confidentiality I have not given names or contact details, if you wish to speak to a previous client please contact me and I will provide details.


Only available on request.


"Something important had happened, I could not explain it...like a weight had been lifted, there was a lightness in my being."

"The tingling heat sensation was unexpected but the outcome left me feeling renewed and able to think with more clarity and concentration than before".

Life Coaching

"She helped motivate and inspire me to move forward with my business and my life."

"I was at a crossroads in my life and she helped me choose a careerpath which is proving both successful and rewarding."

Tarot and Angel Card Readings

"She was very accurate and seemed to be guiding me even though I did not reveal my question."

"I didn't realise that she would be so thorough in her reading of my cards."

Tarot Party Readings

"A very positive evening I came away feeling ready for change, also feeling a bit scared of change." - Caroline

"I agree with Caroline, I felt comfortable in my own home."

Stress Management Workshops

"This course was absolutely amazing, not only did I learn a lot about the effects of stress on the body, the causes of stress and how to meditate but I had a lot of fun as well. I left the workshops full of positive energy and walking on air with a feeling of complete happiness, even though nothing in my life had actually changed!"

"This is a workshop that should be taught in schools, it would make exams and the change to working life and university a much easier transition, not to mention making the world a far less aggressive place."


Meditation Workshops

"A very well taught workshop. The techniques were easy to follow and the benefits are well worth it, phyically, mentally and emotionally."

Smoking Cessation Workshop

"It's great, I haven't smoked since and I don't even miss it!"

It's been so easy, I have no cravings and the amount of money I would have spent on cigarettes has easily covered the cost of the sessions."

"Having been advised to give up smoking by my doctor, I spent £500 with a hypnotherapist and started smoking almost immediately afterwards. I could have saved myself so much money if I had just come to Celia in the first place but my stopping smoking has litereally saved my life."

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel Workshop

"This workshop has confirmed by own beliefs in that I have someone watching out for me."

"Knowing that my Spirit Guide is there has given me more confidence to do the things I really want in life."

I feel as though healing has taken place and I can move on in my life."


These testimonials can be found on the HypnoBirthing® website here.

You can also read personal experiences from recent clients here



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