Life Coaching

My quest is to set you free to be all that you are. We live in a world where anything is possible but we impose the limits although we do not realise it. Are there things you have always wanted to achieve? Are you stuck in a rut, doing the same things day after day? Whatever it is in your life that you want to change, I can motivate you to make the changes and be successful.

Everyone needs someone to believe in their abilites in order to grow and achieve ambitions and goals. A life coach helps you identify and prioritise these goals to bring them to fruition.

If left to our own devices we tend to limit and cap our full potential either through lack of self confidence, laziness, not being focussed or motivated and getting stuck in a rut.

Life Coaching - giving you the courage to take the next step.  Photography courtesy of Beverley Nicholls

“Man is what he believes” - Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

Life coaching helps your break negative belief patterns and provides encouragement, motivation and support by setting challenging aspirations to help you achieve your goals. This form of coaching develops potential by being reflective, reactive, flexible and enabling, getting the best out of a person and improving their lives. It is different to psychology, counselling or therapy, although it is important that coaches have a good understanding of all of these theories. Life coaching does not claim to have the answers, but helps you find the answers within yourself.

The goals or areas of your life you wish to change can be many and varied ranging from improving family and partner relationships, better parenting skills, spiritual advancement, improving your lifestyle and, of course, career development. The life coaching sessions are on a one to one basis which can be face to face or conducted over the telephone, either way is equally effective with the latter offering the greater flexibility for those with busy lifestyles.

Coaching sessions are usually approximately thirty minutes but rarely extend beyond an hour. The initial session may be longer and would be face to face, enabling a tailored coaching programme to be drawn up, This programme is unique and personal to you. During following sessions actions and assignments are agreed which are reviewed and progress is monitored.

The type of coaching I provide draws on the techques and principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is not a therapy but is a study of what works in thinking, language and behaviour for each individual and is used as an intervention to enhance learning abilities, set goals, improve relationships and manage thought and emotions more effectively. A life coach is not an advisor or a consultant who have very different methods and aims, encompassing very different disciplines.

Ths Laws of Physics state that energy cannot be created or destroyed but simply changes its form. Coaching allows you to channel your energy into a more effective form. Life coaching is centred around the client to help that person find their own solutions.

Life coaching is what you make it, so if you want to set and achieve goals and become everything your are capable of becoming all you have to do is contact Celia on 07517 665593 - what you want is out there waiting for you to grasp it!

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